Franco International Stylists did a photoshoot with their winter looks and it’s giving us all the feels!

As temperatures drop, so too will a slew of winter 2022 hair color trends. It’s about to be the season for warm hues, in part because they’re pretty — but primarily to add a pop of color to your look once the seasons start to change. “As tans fade and skin loses its color, it’s nice to replace it in the hair”. “Clients have been asking to keep their hair warm because warming up the hair will help warm up the skin”.

To embrace the heat, beauty pros foresee winter’s most popular pigments to range from deep, dark reds to warm honey highlights, with “pumpkin spice” blondes set to take the stage too. But besides a variety of freshly dyed do’s, experts also predict many to rock their organic tones instead — just slightly enhanced versions (yet still low maintenance!), especially as many stylists’ clients have learned to appreciate their natural hair during the lockdown.

Whatever your preferred hair pigment, this upcoming season surely has something in store for you (and your scalp).

Stylists at Franco International @Damian_francointernational, @karen_francointernational, @markanthonyfrancointernational, @claudio_francointenational, and @jade.francointernational all got together to shoot some amazing winter looks for us to get inspired!!


Karen Gives Us Some Radiant Red Looks
While some may opt for warmer blondes, some foresee many taking the full plunge into radiant reds this winter. “We’re getting so many requests for deep, red, and copper tones”. “Skin tends to be more dry and muted due to the lack of sunlight in the winter, so maybe clients feel like they need something to brighten them up”.



Damian’s Look – “Ice Cube” Blonde
On the other side of the blonde spectrum is “ice cube” blonde. “The icier the color, the better”. “It’s the perfect time to go for a cool blonde to match the winter season. “Be a bit daring and go for something edgy. The blonde is mostly concentrated on the hairline, so it works best for someone who frequently wears their hair up,” she says.



Anthony Went For A Mixture Of Old-School Glam With A Modern Edge!
This look can be called “butterfly” balayage: a high definition and high contrast look reminiscent of butterfly wings (and the ’90s). “Ask your colorist for the warm tone that best fits your skin tone and compliments your natural color”. “Go light and tone back down with warmth for the high-definition factor”.



Enhanced, Yet Natural Is The Definition Of  @Jade_francointernational.
“We are definitely seeing more natural looks since clients really started to embrace their natural color during the lockdown, hence the rise in slightly enhanced yet natural dye jobs”. “Clients are glazing their hair,” she says. “It’s about making your natural color prettier with a little depth and lots of shine”.
After glazing, throw in some tone-on-tone highlights for dimension, which should always be a pop brighter in the front, and voilá — it’s your natural hair, just a little elevated.


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